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 maxbuzz pulse flooder v2.3!!!free!!

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PostSubject: maxbuzz pulse flooder v2.3!!!free!!   2013-06-25, 10:50

> emkanate barname
1.multi id login(login kardane binahayat id betore ham zaman)
2.show login faields(neshun dadane id haye sukhte)
3.show disconnecteds while flooding(neshun dadane id haye dc shode dar zaamane flood)
4.random flood msg(qabeliate dadane binahayat texte flood be barname)
5.flood msg generator(mitonid liste symbol be barname bedin ta be tedade niaz generate kone va ... )
6.pv flood room users(pv flood kardane tamame user haye dakhele room)
7.custom flood speed(tanzime sorate flood ta 1000 id per/sec)
8.auto id checker (bad az login shodane id haye flood faqad ba id haye salem shoro be flood mikone)
9.sent floods progresbar (in progressbar ba har floodi ke to room mire jolo mire age flood nare neshun mide)
10.antibaan speed (vakhti speede floodo ruye 11 id per/sec bezarin roobataye baanero dc mikone)
11.antibaan random (ba recourse matne flood va id haye random roobatai ke sensor darano dor mizane)
12.auto save generated symbols (symbol ha automat to posheye barname save mishe)
13.auto save flood msgs
13.load flood msgs from list (load kardane matne floode delkhah az file haye text)
14.auto load id floods (auto loade id flood ha az file ID.txt az posheye barname vase rahatie kar)
15.dc room users on highspeed flood (inam ke malume)
16.load random ids (load kardane id haye random)
17.load ids via random passswords(load kardane id ha ba password haye mokhtalef)
18.patched errors (ta jai ke tonestam saye kardam barname error nade hamejaro doros tarif kardam va if ha ..)
19.anti block (chon betore kamel syns mikone codaro moqeye loge id kam pish miad id block kone)
20.anti memberbobt (age member bot to room bashe ea id flooda member bashanan in qesmate barname faal mishe khodkar)
21.custom room period (khorujie matne floodi ke to room mire ro mitonin avaz konin)
22.single console for all ids (ino vase afradi ke herfei taran gozashtam codaro tashkhis bedan vaziate flooder chotore)
23.just pv flood or just just room flood (age room perdiod 0 bshe id ha to room faqad left join mishe va flood faqat to pvie usera mire )
24. # load (vase kasai ke id hashono ba # joda mikonan)
25.sigle flood txt (age tike gozineye single msgo bezanin flood faqad az texti ke zire listboxe flood msg gozashtam mire)
26:dadane adflood be useraie room(give adflood to users of rooms)
> help
1.save ids to text file like bellow (id flood haro to 1file text besurate zir save mikonin)
2.click on load and open your saved text file(txt load ro to barname mizanin file text ro baz mikonin)
> age id hatono ba # joda kardin # loado bezanin bala id hatono midin ziresh paseshono convert ro mizanid vakhti to list zaher shodan load ro mizanin mire to barname)
to posheye barname 1file text hast ID.txt age id haro tosh bezarin dige niaz be load nis ba ejraye barname auto load mikone
3.click on login (rue login click mikonin)
4.plz wait stil online ids appear (montazer mimonin tedade online ha moshakhas beshe
5.write room name (esme roomo to roomname minevisim)
6.write flood msg and add them to list(matne floodaro minevisim be list add mikonim)
7.you can use generator to create flood msgs( az generatoram mitonin vase sakhte matne flood use konin)
8.add users to pv flood (esme useraro vase pv flood minevisim add mikonim)
9.now click on start button(hala dokmeye starto mizanim)
10.see progressbar bellow softs runing(mibinim progresbare zire barname jolo mire eani flood to room dare mire)
11.you can change invertal (flood speed) add room pass undestand rooms flooding by progresbar on not and ...(mitonin sorate flodo ba avaz kardane invertal avaz konin age progesbar jolo naraf mifahmin flood dare nemire va. . .)


baraie dorost kardane idiha az amir#amir1#amir2#,.......
be sorate amir:paws,amir1:paws,.......
be inbarname ehtiaj darid  : link:http://s3.picofile.com/file/7555168381/Maxbuzz_ID_Convertor.rar.html
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maxbuzz pulse flooder v2.3!!!free!!
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