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 matn email for suuport

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PostSubject: matn email for suuport   2013-06-23, 08:28

matnaye unblock un block

Hi nimbuzz team
My jid was blocked
Please unblock my jid
Jid: Your Id@nimbuzz.com
Please help me nimbuzz team.
Thanks a lot
Good luck


hi nimbuzz team

my jid YOUR ID@nimbuzz.com blocked please unblock my jid

helo ,, my id blocked without reason plz back it my id name
Plz back it sir

matnaye backe id

Hi nimbuzz team
My id is hach please help me
My id:@nimbuzz.com
my old password: 
My old emil on id  is: 
old telphone on id is :
My old add list is :  (5 add)
Please help me fast and send for me my password


hi nimbuzz team

my jid name Id@nimbuzz.com hach

please unblock my jid
 Nimbuzz Username:idi ke block shode

 Old Password:akharin pasword

Old Email:akharin mail

Old Phone No.:akharin tel

Names of Chatroom which you mostly Join & in which you are Owner:ownere kodm room

Month & Year when you registered in Nimbuzz pr..x.o.i:sal va mahe sakhte id

 You Total contact List pr..x.o.i:hodudan tedade ad list

 Phone Model Are You Using:model gushi ke idi bash on mikardi

 Imei Number Of Your Mobile phone:ime gushi ke ba shomaregirie *#06#az gushi mitounin be dast biarid

(Press *#06# in mobile to see your imei number)

 Date & Time when your Lost Your NImbuzz Id.:tarikhe hach ya block shodane id

Reason, how you Lost Your Password:blocked my jid



my id is hach please help me

my id is: 
my old password is: my old email on id is: 
my old telphone on id is:

please help me fast AND send for me my password

big thanks

matne back dadane room

hello nimbuzz team

some one hach my chatroom recently and i'm sending this request to give me back my room please.

here is the name of my nimbuzz chatroom:

here is the ID which the room was created with: 

Here is some of my admins: 

here is the owners: 

and some of my banlist ids: 
and my id has been noned at this date: 

is my information, please i'm beging you look for information in 
database and give me back my chatroom, if you need any more information 
about my room history i'll send it for you just please help me

i'm waiting for you supoort dear nimbuzz team

in matne back dadane roomo ba emaile yeki az id ownera besendin
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matn email for suuport
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